Receiving Children: Receiving Christ

A Children's Ministry Training Event Tailored for Your Church!

You can tailor fit this one-day training event to meet the specific needs of your ministry from the list of possibilities below. Contact us today to review the possibilities. Bro. Jessup’s program is very flexible and can be easily suited to the needs of your church. If you are in need of a session or workshop not listed below, please speak with us about the possibilities. Churches that have scheduled a training event with Master Ministries or Brother Jessup are more than welcome to use any of the information below to help promote the event to their own church members or to other churches in the area who are invited to attend.

About Dan Jessup

Daniel Jessup is the current director of Master Ministries and maintains oversight of Master Clubs nationwide. A preacher boy from the historic Gospel Light Baptist in Walkertown, North Carolina, Bro. Jessup has spent almost 20 years in full time church ministry after graduating from Bible college with a degree in Pastoral Theology. Most of his experience has been serving in ministries such as Master Clubs, Junior Church, Bus Ministry, Sunday School, Gospel Crusades, and most recently Christian School Administration. Bro. Jessup and his wife April have a long history in evangelism and education of children and teenagers through various ministries in our independent Baptist churches. They stand ready to serve your church under the admonition of the Apostle Paul, “We do all things, dearly beloved, for your edifying” - II Corinthians 12:19. The goal of his training is that your church would develop “biblical, mission-minded servants that are prepared for all levels of ministry.”

Receiving Children: Receiving Christ Training Near You

Please contact us for a list of locations where you can find a Receiving Children: Receiving Christ training event. If there isn't a training event in your area, perhaps you would be interested in hosting your own Friday or Saturday event at your church property.

Workshop Possibilities

1. Receiving Children: Receiving Christ (Matthew 18:5 and Children's Ministry Philosophy)

Walt Disney once said, “Our greatest national resource is the minds of our children.” Over the past century leaders in entertainment, education, and our pop culture have led the way in recruiting children to their ranks. Where are the churches in America who will work, spend, plan, and sacrifice to receive children? Jesus said in Matthew 18:5, “Whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me.” This session will inspire you to reach children for the Savior.

2. Sensitive Savior: Salvation Counseling with Children

The most powerful work a church will ever do is preach the Gospel to a world in need of Christ. However, the most sensitive work a church will ever do is lead unsaved boys and girls to a saving knowledge of Christ. Are you prepared to counsel? Do you know how to lead a child to Christ? This session will give you confidence the next time you deal with a child concerning their born again experience.

3. Baptism Counseling 101: Are we Dunking or Discipling?

After a child receives Christ there is nothing more pivotal than discipleship, and the first act of obedience for a Christian is immersion in deep water. Baptism Counseling 101 gives helpful advice on counseling children (and parents) for biblical Baptism. Let’s just not dunk but let’s disciple converts!

4. Children's Gospel Crusades from Foresight to Follow Up

What is a Gospel Crusade? It is an event that a Bible-believing church can hold to bring boys and girls to their property for a week during the summer time with the specific focus of preaching the Gospel. This training will give you and your church valuable insights, answering such questions as “How do we hold a Gospel Crusade?” “What should our workers do?” “How can we register children?” or even “How do we give a gospel invitation to children?” Drawing on years of experience in just such an endeavor, Bro. Jessup can help you and your people prepare and execute a meeting to the glory of God.

5. Fields of our Fathers: Landmarks for Children to a Bible-believing Baptist Identity

When the children of your church come to full maturity and physical stature, will they carry on in the identity your church currently maintains? Fields of our Fathers is an excellent workshop designed to give you materials, advice, ideas, and a plan whereby you can be found faithful in teaching and reaching the children of your church with biblical church doctrine.

6. Promoting and Teaching Gospel Missionary Work to Children

Many of the great missionaries of our day, and even of yesteryear, were exposed to gospel missionary work at an early age. This obviously had a profound effect on their decision to answer God’s call to serve. Church ministries today can still promote missions to children, and in this day and age God has afforded us many tools with which to do so. From Junior Church, to Master Clubs, to Missions Conferences, to Christian School, there are many places and times where we can teach missions to our children!

7. Effective Ideas for Junior Church Organization and Service Content

Junior Church – it can be the greatest blessing or the wicked curse in our churches. Effective planning, worker training, Bible lesson content, and the order of events for your entire junior church service are all key to having a successful ministry. Your junior church can be organized and operated efficiently – it ought to for it must be an extension of your adult church service and God’s vision He has given to your pastor.

8. Children's Ministry Discipline 101: Can't these kids just sit still?

Nothing cripples a children’s ministry more than misbehavior among the boys and girls. What are the causes? How can I get these kids to straighten up? How can we reach these boys and girls? Children’s Ministry Discipline 101 will help you come away with the tools and instruction you need to maintain a positive, controlled, and orderly atmosphere among your classes and services./p>

9. Music and Children: Someone will reach them, why not you?

Childhood and music go hand in hand. Music will be in the life of any child your ministry comes in contact with from week to week. Who will reach them by filling their minds and spirits with godly music? What can we do in our services to promote the “good” and downplay the “bad” music before things get “ugly” in the musical life of a child? If we don’t fill our children’s hearts with music then the world and our pop culture will certainly do so. Let’s win this battle!

10. Biblical Manhood: Scripture's Answer to a Fatherless Generation

Our churches are facing a problem that seems to be insurmountable – a lack of male leadership. The Bible clearly defines manhood, but many of our boys in our children’s ministries have no idea what this looks like or what a real man is supposed to be. Join us as we discuss who men and fathers are to be and what we can do to reach a generation of males that need to be biblical men.

Hosting Information

If you would like more information about hosting your own Receiving Children: Receiving Christ training event, you can contact Daniel Jessup at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or call our Master Ministries offices at 1 (800) 451-5023.

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