MasterLink Software


Have you ever...

  • …not had enough badges in stock to award your Clubbers when they completed a badge?
  • …felt disoriented with the complexity of the Ambassadors' Master Record?
  • …wished you could automatically track Clubber attendance for the proper awards?
  • …lost track of which awards are for which children by the time you distribute your awards?

MasterLink is software that will aid you in record keeping and inventory for your Master Club program. The MasterLink software is loaded with features designed to save you time while increasing your productivity. MasterLink is a record-keeping program designed to track Clubber attendance (Club and Church), dues, address, etc. It can also track Projects and/or Badges a Clubber has completed acting as the Master Record for the Clubber. You can even manage your inventory levels for all of your stock items.


MasterLink Features

Take a look at all of the features MasterLink has to offer your Club program.

MasterLink Documentation

You are welcome to view the MasterLink Help File. This will help you to understand the implementation and use of the software.

MasterLink Documentation

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This software has been developed and is maintained by Missionary Tech Team. Support and downloads for this software are provided by Missionary Tech Team as part of the annual Support Package.

MasterLink Training

An online training course for MasterLink will be coming soon. Free and online, you will be able to learn the MasterLink interface at your own pace.

Price & Subscription

MasterLink Cost

Your cost to purchase the MasterLink Software is $30 which includes one free year of technical support, product updates, and Master Ministries Catalog Updates. After your first year, you can renew your annual subscription for $30 per year and continue to receive up-to-date catalogs from Master Ministries, upgrades to your software, and technical support.

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Download the MasterLink Demo version

The demo version of MasterLink is restricted to 10 Clubbers, 10 Sessions, 2 Master Record entries per Book but with no time limit.

MasterLink Windows Demo Version

MasterLink Mac Demo Version

Subscription/Software Download

For new users, download your MasterLink software here! For current users, to access your MasterLink subscription or to download updates to your software, enter the email address used when enrolled in the annual subscription with Missionary Tech Team.

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Support for this product can be found through Missionary TEC Team.