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Lookouts, Spotters, & Scouts will discover how they can be used by God even while still a child. Throughout the primary years each clubber can earn 42 badges, 6 ribbons, and memorize over 60 verses.

Bible Study 4 Changes in Scouts Book

Due to the changes in the new Ambassador books, we recommend your Scouts complete the following 4 Discovery Bible Books:

  • Surrender of Life
  • God's Will for Boys and Girls
  • Christian Service
  • The Coming of Christ

This badge is now called the Discovery Platinum Badge. (Item #40506)

Instructions: After completing each Discovery Bible Booklet, return it to your leader. Your leader may have some questions for you to answer about what you learned in each booklet.

There are no longer any study sheets or quizzes required for this badge. Once your Clubber has completed these 4 Discovery Bible Booklets it can count toward their Platinum Crown when they become an Ambassador!

Scripture Memory Cards

These resources are available as a tear out in the Primary project workbooks. But as a convenience for leaders and parents, these Scripture Memory Cards are also available online. Should your Clubbers lose their original cards or if you quickly need additional Scripture Memory Cards, download the appropriate card below.

Lookouts Scripture Memory Cards

Spotters Scripture Memory Cards

Scouts Scripture Memory Card

Master Records

Lookouts Master Record

Spotters Master Record

Scouts Master Record

Badge Placement Guide

As a leader or parent of a Primary child, use this guide to help you properly place badges on the Clubber's award vest.

Primary Award Placement Guide

Additional Spotter Resources

Spotters: Kindness To Others Parent Note (page 15)

Suggested Starter Items

Suggested Starter Items