Club Secretary Resources

Suggested Starter Items

Suggested Starter Items

Product Catalog

2021 Product Order Form

Administrative Forms

Activity Record

Use this Activity Record to track a Clubbers attendance and more.

Activity Record

Clubber Progress Tracking Form

If you choose to develop a Master Clubs Store to motivate your Clubbers to achieve more, or if you just desire another way to track your Clubbers progress in the classroom, use this form to help your leaders.

Generic Award Form

Award Request Form

Every award in Master Clubs is on this sheet. Stream line getting badges from your Club office to your departments for presentation.

Little Treasures Award Request Form

Little Lambs Award Request Form

Little Shepherds Award Request Form

Servants Award Request Form

Stewards Award Request Form

Soldiers Award Request Form

Bronze Crown Award Request Form

Silver Crown Award Request Form

Gold Crown Award Request Form

Registration Form

You can use this form or create your own form to help you register your Clubbers for Master Clubs. There are two forms on this 8.5x11 sheet of paper.

Registration Form

Ambassador Master Record

Master Record

Ambassadors' Leader Planner

Use this Suggested Crown Timeline as a map for completing each Crown in the Ambassadors Discipleship Guide within 30 weeks!

Ambassadors Badge Timeline

Ambassadors Scripture Memory

Bronze Scripture Memory Progress Tracker

Silver Scripture Memory Progress Tracker

Gold Scripture Memory Progress Tracker

Communicating with Parents

First Time Visitor's Letter

At First Baptist Church in Milford, the home church of Master Clubs, we developed this letter to welcome children and their families to our church. You may copy, edit, or build upon this letter. Also, send us your own ideas; we'd love to hear from you.

Introductory Sample Letter

New Members Order Form

As an additional form of communication to parents, we recommend you send home an order form to parents once their child has become an official Master Clubs member after passing their Membership Requirements. You may copy, edit, or build upon this order form.

New Members Sample Order Form

Invitation Template

You may use this template to help you more easily layout your own customized text on your Master Clubs Invitations. To order these for your self, visit the Master Club store and search for item 40608. This template is saved in Microsoft Word format.

Invitation Flyer Template