Leader Training DVD

TrainingDVDsMaster Clubs is excited to release our first major training video production on DVD. This four-hour training will greatly aid churches of all sizes in providing first-class training for your Master Clubs leaders for a fraction of the cost of hosting a live Master Clubs training event. This training offers even more information, tips, and ideas than a live training could; and at your leisure. This training will help every Master Clubs Director to walk through the Master Clubs Leader Training Guide every step of the way, leading you to successfully train kids and leaders around you. This resource is a "must-have" for every Master Club program.

You may purchase the Master Clubs Leader Training DVD at our online store.

Topics Covered in the Training DVD

  • Introduction

    • Welcome
    • History of Master Clubs
    • Introduction to Master Clubs
    • Purpose of Master Clubs
    • Departments
    • Organization
    • Club Format
    • Planning a Club Year
    • Financing Your Club
    • Planning for Competitions
    • Training Leaders
  • Rally Time

    • Exciting Rally Time
    • Understanding Your Clubbers
    • Characteristics of Children
    • Handling Discipline Problems
  • Bible Time

    • Bible Time Essentials
    • Resources
    • Bible Curriculum
    • Scripture Memory
    • Merit Badges
    • Children's Bible Institute
    • Discovery Books
    • Bible Games
    • Devotions
    • Prayer Journal
    • Mailbox Contests
    • Regional Competitions
    • Developing a Plan
  • Book Time

    • Introduction
    • Common Sense Leadership
    • Membership Requirements
    • Scripture Memory System
    • Ambassadors Scripture Memory
    • God's Little Treasures
    • God's Little Lambs & Shepherds
    • Completing Badges
    • Primary Workbooks
    • Ambassadors Program
    • Series Badges
    • Crowns
    • Ambassadors Leader Guide
    • Master Records
    • Beginner & Primary Master Records
    • Ambassadors Master Records
    • Planning Ahead
    • Bring Clubbers up to Speed
    • Visiting Kids at Home
  • Game Time

    • Introduction
    • Bible Games
    • Athletic Games
    • Fun on Top of Fun
    • Grand National Pine Car Derby
    • Regional Competitions
    • Mailbox Contests
  • Award Time

    • Introduction
    • Award Incentives
    • Uniforms and Awards
    • Record Keeping

Tips for an Effective Training

  • As the Master Club Director, we encourage you to watch the entire training before viewing it with all of your leaders. This will allow you to obtain a clear over-all perspective of the Master Clubs program enabling you to effectively field any questions that may arise as you go through the training with your group.
  • Meet with each worker individually to plan their assignments before viewing the training videos as a group. This will allow each worker to think through how specific areas of the training will impact their area of service in your Club program.
  • Make sure you have plenty of Master Clubs Leader Training Guides on hand for each leader before you begin your training sessions (Item #90102).
  • Consider having two training nights watching one DVD each night or have one extended session on a Saturday and include a lunch.
  • Promote your training event several weeks in advance. Mail out flyers or send letters to your prospective workers. Also consider placing an announcement in your church's Sunday bulletin.
  • Make your training night exciting! We suggest that you provide refreshments to all who attend your training.
  • Use a large TV or projector to view the DVD to insure that everyone can see the training video.
  • As the director, feel free to stop the training at any time for leaders to ask questions and discuss options. You may even want to stop the DVD occasionally to ask review questions. Give out big candy bars for correctly answered questions. See the sample questions included in this pamphlet.

Master Clubs Leader Training

June 13, 2020 - 10:00am - 2:30pm
Calvary Baptist Church

King, NC
Contact: Rick Eacho
On site training is for the church family only. Others can join in online at this link.
Watch Live

National Master Clubs Leader Training

July 18, 2020 - 10:00am - 2:30pm
First Baptist Church of Milford

Milford, OH
Cost: $25
Contact: Master Ministries
Pre-Register by July 11

Online Master Clubs Leader Training

August 1, 2020 - 11:00am Eastern Time

Contact: Master Ministries
Cost: FREE

Master Clubs Leader Training

August 8, 2020 - 10:00am - 2:30pm
Grace Baptist Church

Columbus, GA
Contact: Mike Ratliff
Register by August 1
View Flyer   Pre-Register

Bro. Jessup and the Training Staff are booking for 2020. Please contact the Master Ministries team at (800) 451-5023 or e-mail dan.jessup@masterclubs.org to see what dates are available for the following year. If planning to hold a Master Clubs Worker Training, we highly suggest you schedule that weekend before September arrives.