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How Much Does Master Clubs Cost?

Get your children excited about discipleship with Master Clubs for $12 per Clubber per year!

Let us show you how:

For less than the cost of typical Sunday school curriculum, you could provide Master Clubs to the children in your church. To completely provide Master Clubs to 20 children in your church could cost your children’s ministry less than $250 per year. This includes all books, vests, badges, and special awards for a typical Club year.

How to Provide Master Clubs for $12 Per Child

The maximum cost to supply a Clubber with their books, vests, and badges is $40 per year. While you may prefer to supply the entire curriculum to your children at no cost to them, here are some ideas that could make Master Clubs more affordable for your church.
1. We suggest that you have parents purchase the books and award vests for their own children. This would reduce the average cost per Clubber from $40 per year to $26.50 per year. The left column shows maximum expenses, meaning the maximum cost if a Clubber completed everything possible for his or her 30 week Club year.
Maximum Expenses
Little Treasures (3 year olds) - $27.25
Little Lambs (4 year olds) - $39.00
Little Shepherds (5 year olds) - $39.00
Servants (1st Grade) - $31.25
Stewards (2nd Grade) - $31.25
Soldiers (3rd Grade) - $40.75
Ambassadors (4th-6th Grade) - $48.00
Your Ministry Expenses
Little Treasures (3 year olds) - $9.75
Little Lambs (4 year olds) - $25.00
Little Shepherds (5 year olds) - $25.00
Servants (1st Grade) - $18.75
Stewards (2nd Grade) - $18.75
Soldiers (3rd Grade) - $28.25
Ambassadors (4th-6th Grade) - $33.00
2. Many churches also ask their member Clubbers to give $.50 dues each week for attending Club. This would further lower your expenses from $26.50 to $11.50 per Clubber per year at 30 weeks of Club per year (during the school year). Clubbers can give their dues each week as they sign in or you could allow them to give all of their dues for the semester up front or for the entire year.
3. All of the costs presented here are based on the assumption that each Clubber will earn every possible award. You will find that most of your Clubbers will earn most of the badges, but only dedicated Clubbers will earn all possible awards for each year. Your dedicated Clubbers may also earn additional badges found in the Additional Badge Section for the Primaries and the Platinum Crown Section for the Ambassadors.

Additional Questions for Consideration

What will my start up costs be?

Obviously, your first year of Master Clubs will be the most expensive as you acquire equipment, books, inventory, and resources. Below are some of the expenses that you could anticipate.

Charter Application - $150
Directors Kit - Free with Charter Fee
MasterLink Software (Optional) - $40
MasterLink App (Optional) - $70
What will it cost to properly equip our leaders?
Supplying each leader with resources to help them effectively disciple your children and make Club exciting is important. This will cost your church an average of $11 per leader for your first year. After that, all leader resources will last several years. You may also consider having your leaders wear Master Clubs Leader Shirts (Check out the available apparel in our online store).
What will it cost to train our leaders?
The Leader Training PowerPoint and eight Leader Training Guides are included in your Director's Kit when you charter with Master Clubs. Additional Leader Training Guides are $20 per pack of 4. Your leaders will work through the Leader Training Guide as someone directs them using the Leader Training PowerPoint; then they will be able to keep the guide for future reference.
What is the annual charter fee?

You can renew your Master Clubs charter for your church each year for $135 if you take advantage of the discount pricing. The annual charter provides your church with:

  • Communication to leaders through newsletters, promotional brochures, and our website at
  • Free Mailbox Contests, providing your local church the opportunity for all ages to enter and possibly win beautiful awards.
  • The eligibility to participate in one of our spring Regional Competitions.
  • The eligibility to order Master Clubs materials.
How can we offset some of the costs of Master Clubs?

Here are some ideas other churches have used to keep their budget as low as possible.

  • Allow your Clubbers to give dues as previously mentioned.
  • Take special offerings occasionally throughout the year.
  • Children are the world's largest and neediest mission field. Consider supplementing Master Clubs through the missions account of your church.
  • Use fund-raisers.
  • Provide scholarships. Ask couples in your church who do not have kids in Club to sponsor kids who cannot afford to purchase Club supplies.
Are there any other costs we should consider?
If you plan to run a bus or van to bring children to Club, consider factoring in additional funds to supply books for those children.