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Master Clubs: How Do We Get Started?

Step 1: Examine the Promo Pack.

Request a Master Clubs promotional pack. We have a variety of different brochures, but for now, concentrate on the Sample Curriculum Brochure in the center pocket. All the other extracurricular activities will benefit your new Club, but every church does not do every thing we offer. For your first year, you may want to concentrate solely on the curriculum, then enter a Mailbox Contest or Regionals Competition your second year.

Step 2: Meet with your pastor to answer the following questions:

  • •Will we use all of the age groups that Master Clubs has to offer?
    Master Clubs is divided into three departments: Beginners (3 to 5 year olds), Primaries (1st through 3rd grades), and Juniors (4th through 6th grades). Upon chartering, churches have the right to use any or all departments.
  • •Who should direct our Club program?
  • •Which classrooms in our church will be available for us to utilize during Master Clubs?
    Study your Sunday School attendance roles and use them to estimate how many Clubbers to expect in each age group.
  • •Will we run our Club program year round or only during the school year?
  • •How will we finance our Club program?
  • •What portion will the church pay?
  • •What portion will the parents pay?
  • •Who does the pastor want to authorize to place orders?
  • •Does he want our leaders to wear an official Master Clubs leader shirt?

Continue to meet with your pastor throughout the rest of the planning process. We have provided the following Pastor Resources page to help guide both you and your pastor as decisions are made.

Step 3: Complete the Charter Application.

Upon receiving that application, Master Clubs will send your FREE Director's Kit.

Step 4: Upon receipt of the Director's Kit, study the information provided.

The Club Director should start by going through the Training Guides to gain a better understanding of the program before he begins recruiting.

Recruit Department Directors, a Game Director, and a Club Secretary first. Meet with them to plan your calendar year and training dates. Then begin recruiting other leaders. We suggest a ratio of one leader to every six students in the classroom, although they may have ten to twelve Clubbers on their role book.

Use the materials in the Director's Kit to set up a display in the lobby for families to view. Use the Master Clubs Invitation Brochures to promote Master Clubs to your community. (One pack of fifty will be included in the Director's Kit.)

Step 5: Set up your Master Clubs office space.

This does not need to be a dedicated room. Depending on the size of your Club, it could be a closet or even a filing cabinet. Consider using the Master Clubs MasterLink software for record keeping in your Club.

Step 6: Train leaders.

Train all leaders using the Master Clubs Training Guides which are included in the Director's Kit or schedule a live training session by calling our office at 800-451-5023.

Step 7: Register your Clubbers.

Give parents opportunities to pre-register their children before or after several services prior to your first night of Club. At the registration table, parents can purchase supplies for their Clubbers and pay any other fees. When pre-registration is adequately planned, it makes the first night of Club go much smoother for leaders, parents, and Clubbers.

Step 8: Place your first Master Clubs order.

We suggest ordering additional Membership Guides, Student Packs, uniforms, and the first three awards for each Clubber in each book. Each leader will need a Leader Guide or extra Student Guide.

Step 9: Perform a "walk-thru" with your leaders.

Do this the week before your Club begins so you and your leaders can think through each step of the evening. Your leaders should rotate on the same schedule that they will the next week. This simple "walk thru" may reveal potential traffic flow problems in a hallway or restroom.

Step 10: Enjoy Master Clubs!