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Dr. Norris E. Belcher, Jr.

Pastor, Church of the Open Door in Westminster, Maryland
“As a pastor, I have to make sure that every area of my church is active, thriving, and growing. Our church provides programs for the teens, the elderly, the handicapped, the deaf, and many other groups of people. It is my opinion the children’s ministry is a neglected area in most churches. Allow me to recommend [Master Clubs] for your children’s program. This is a sound, [b]iblical, well-structured program that works and has stood the test of time. You will not be disappointed when you see the children of your church growing and maturing in the Lord because of this great ministry. We use it, and I give it my highest recommendation.”

Pastor Tim Daniel

New Testament Baptist Church in Kinston, North Carolina
“[Master Clubs] is a great blessing to our church. We have witnessed the salvation of many children with ten saved this year. Not only is it good for our children, it provides opportunities of ministry for adults and teens as well. The [Regionals competition] provides our clubbers a time of competition and fellowship with other churches, and is an evaluation of how well we are ministering. [Master Clubs] is a great evangelistic and discipleship ministry of our church.”

Ed Dunlop

Child Evangelist from Ringold, Georgia
“Without question, Master Clubs is the finest kids' club program available today. Written and developed by fundamentalists for fundamental Baptist churches, the [Master Clubs] program not only places a strong emphasis on Bible memorization, but also trains and equips the children to serve the Lord in their local church. I have seen the finished product: kids who want to serve the Lord. There is no other program like it.”

Dr. Dan Lamb

Pastor, Hillsboro Bible Baptist Church, Hillsboro, Ohio
“Just wanted to say thank you for the Master Club Program. We have been using Master Clubs in our church for a little over 5 years. It has given us a great structure to reach our families. The kids are very excited about the program and disappointed when we stop it for the summer! We are expecting great fruit in the days to come with using this program."

Dr. George W. Riddell III

Pastor, Open Bible Baptist Church in Williamstown, NJ
"I am writing to commend you and all your staff at Master Ministries for the very fine Bible club program you provide for local churches like mine. We are nearing the end of our fourth year of Master Clubs and I am well pleased with our results. For most of the forty years of my pastorate here, Open Bible Baptist Church has had a Wednesday night Bible club ministry for our children. Five years ago it became necessary for our church to find a new club ministry to replace one that no longer held the same standards of ecclesiastical separation that it had previously adhered to. Finding your program was an answer to prayer! When your founder, Brother Abb Thomas, presented it to us, we knew at once that Master Clubs would be a good fit for us. The flexibility of your program model made the transition easy. We adapted it to the program frame already in place. Parents and workers embraced your curriculum which widened the teaching goal beyond mere Scripture memorization to training our kids for a life-long commitment to Christian disciplines and service. Our kids, from the 3-year-old through the sixth grade, enjoy earning their patches and awards week-to-week."