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The Master Club Regionals are the largest competitions of the year. This year's line-up contains over 30 exciting events. Regional Competition dates and locations are available here . You may begin this process by pre-registering online. Beginning the fall of 2021, all Regional Guides are digital download only. Your church will receive a link for download once you have registered and paid for your selected Regionals.

2024 Regional Competition Events

Team Bible

  • Bible Sequence Relay-OT
  • Right or Wrong Relay
  • Story/Chapter/Truth 2 Relay
  • Wordless Book Relay

Team Athletic

  • Big Ball Bounce Relay (girls)
  • Chariots of Carpet (boys)
  • Speed Stacking Relay

Fine Arts

  • Arts
  • Christian Writing
  • Crafts
  • Ensembles
  • Piano I, II, & III
  • Trios
  • Winds/Strings/Brass

Individual Events

  • Before & After
  • Bible Bowl
  • Bible Sequence-OT
  • Bonus Ball
  • Crown Quizzing-Gold
  • NT Themes
  • Speed Stacking
  • Story/Chapter/Truth 2
  • Where in the Word


  • Bible Storytelling
  • Missionary Biography
  • Preacher Boy
  • Preachers' Wife Biography
  • Puppet Teams

Study Sheets


Each year, over 300 awards are given at each Regional Competition! It's worth the effort to prepare well!