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A Jamboree is a local church event where Master Club churches in your area will meet to compete. Allowing your Clubbers to compete at a Jamboree will benefit them in a number of ways. First, attending will give your kids an opportunity to serve. It will encourage them to put together a Bible Storytelling lesson, or maybe even study a missionary’s life that would have otherwise never been done. Second, if your church plans to attend a Regional Competition, a Jamboree can be the first step it helping your Clubbers get ahead by preparing for some events earlier in the year.

If no Regional event is available in your area, a Jamboree is the best thing to start in your area. We are always looking for new areas to begin a Regional Competition; however, we must have a minimum of 100 Clubbers competing to make it feasible. Beginning a Jamboree in your area will be a huge step toward getting a Regional near you!

Jamboree Resources

Jamboree Planning Guide. Download the Jamboree Planning Guide. This resource will help you plan a successful event at your church for this year.
Jamboree Manager. You may also download the Jamboree Manager Software. This software is intended for use in Registering Churches for your event and for assigning teams to lanes for team events. This software is only for Windows based computers. After downloading the package, unzip it to extract the files to a location on your computer. Then run the Setup.exe file to start the setup of the application. Use of this software requires Microsoft Access 2007 Runtime, which is a free version of Access. The Jamboree Manager software will prompt you to download Microsoft Access 2007 Runtime from the internet if it is not found on your computer.