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A Sailboat Regatta is an ideal year-round youth-group or summer camp activity. The object of a sailboat race is for the young skippers to move their boats from start to finish by blowing into their sails. This simple project of great fun can be enjoyed with minimum effort, expense, and supervision. Like the Grand National Pine Car Derby, sailboat racing is perfect as an outreach tool for attracting the lost to your church. Sailboat racing can also be the main attraction during church socials. All that is required are the Sailboat Racer Kits and either a swimming pool or two 10-foot lengths of rain gutter and two saw-horses. We'll help you with everything else.

Sailboat Racing Kits

Sailboat Racers are small sailboat models purchased from Master Ministries. These kits are easily assembled and finished with little or no adult assistance as craft projects for exciting races. You can plan your race either for inside or outside.

As you plan the day and place of your Sailboat Regatta, allow enough time for you and your sailors to obtain Sailboat Racers Kits and other supplies to assemble and finish the boats.

Sailboat Regatta Planning Guide

You can learn how to plan an exciting day for the children in your community using the Sailboat Regatta Planning Guide. This free resource will enable you to plan your day with ease. It inlcudes race day ideas, pictures, tournament bracket illustrations, and much more. Download your copy today. After clicking the link below, you may save the document to your hard drive.

Regatta Promotional Materials & Awards

You can use the Sailboat Regatta Promotional Poster to help you increase community and church awareness of your special outreach or just-for-fun event. This item is an 11x17 full-color poster printed on high-gloss paper.

We offer a full-line of awards to give your Sailboat Regatta that special touch. You can purchase these 8.5x11 full-color certificates from Master Ministries. We carry certificates for Best Paint Job, Raciest Looking Sailboat, and Most Creative Sailboat.